A Guide to Using Better Technology

Not all technology is created equal. I’ve worked with small to medium businesses as a tech consultant for more than a decade; researching, optimizing and weighing pros and cons of thousands of different products and services over the years. Ultimately I specialized in a simple concept: finding the solutions that would work better and last for longer than the other options.

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I’ve helped my clients navigate the massive amount of options we all face when trying to find the best products, apps, cloud solutions, or whatever else is needed, and now I want to help you as well. I hope you learn something useful on your visit!

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Learn To Choose and Use Better Technology

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I want to yelp you pick better technology in your day-to-day life. And when I say better I mean more better functions, longer-lasting, less issues, and reasonable price. I’ve already spent thousands of hours weighing pros & cons, comparing specs, analysing millions of reviews, all to be able to pick the better products. My goal with Better Tech Guide is to share those insights so even more people can make better decisions when it comes to which technology to use.